• Why Kneading Therapy

    Relax ImageWith the growing popularity of holistic health, there are lots of massage practice options available to the massage consumer in Richmo`nd, Virginia. Don’t be fooled by the “newbie” massage spas that promise a “cheap” but good massage! As the saying goes, ”you get what you pay for” and never has it been more true than with massage therapy.

    Kneading Therapy offers you a professional massage experience. When we witness how much our clients benefit from their massage experience here at Kneading Therapy, it inspires us to develop and search out new protocols and modalities that may further help our clients to live to their full potential in good health.

    We work in partnership with our clients so that they may achieve their goals of good health and wellness. By tailoring our clients’ massages, we are better able to address their specific needs regarding damaged tissue, pinched nerves, spasmodic muscles, or just tired and sore, overworked muscles. Taking this approach to helping our clients and not going with the predetermined, “standard routine” massage that many other franchised corporate massage practices offer sets us apart by keeping the focus on the client’s needs.

    Everybody loves massage! That’s what makes it the perfect gift to receive, and we help you to make it the perfect gift to give. Just visit our gift certificate link on this website or stop by the office at 8658 Staples Mill Rd. for one of the latest massage specials.